Fairs & Festivals

Tarnetar Fair

This is a unique fair that attracts a large number of people to the Trineteshwar Temple. The fair features ritual bathing at the tank of this historic temple, traditional dances of the Bharwad pastoral community and fairground attractions. Traditionally, this is a betrothal fair where pastoral groups gather to find a suitable match, with the women having the first choice.

Dhundhlinath Mela

The Dhundhlinath mela at Dhandalpar is among many fairs that occur soon after Tarnetar.


The birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated at Lalji Maharaj Jagya.

Guru Poornima

This is celebrated at the ashrams in Sayla.

The Bell Guest House can help gather information about events happening at religious centres like Chotila, Sayla, Muli, Wadhwan, Sarangpur, Tankara, Limbdi, etc.

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